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Introduction to Brewing and Fermentation (self-paced) is a Course

Introduction to Brewing and Fermentation (self-paced)


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Self-paced, online course
Start anytime; take up to four months to finish

Even the most seasoned home brewers will gain new knowledge in this course.You’ll thoroughly understand the interaction of key ingredients in beer, brewing water treatment, sanitation processes and the history of the brewing industry. Introduction to Brewing and Fermentation is the prerequisite for all other brewing and fermentation courses.

"Both Dr. Flynn and Dr. Schneider make this incredibly complex content really interesting.  They relate it well, having had their own experiences in homebrewing and studying brewing and fermentation through professional and academic pursuits."              - Grant J.
Learning Outcomes
  • Accurately describe fermentation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fermentation as it relates to production of various products
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of components associated with brewing (e.g. malts, hops, yeast and cleaning/sanitation)

Selected Course Topics

  • Introduction to aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
  • Sanitation and food production
  • Barley malts
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Brewing water, analysis and treatment
  • Fermentation of Beer and Other Grain Based Beverages

 Intended students

  • Brewery staff
  • Current or prospective brewery owners
  • Homebrewers
  • Service professionals with current or intended brewery customers
Faculty:  Dr. Nick Flynn and Dr. Brian Schneider

Dr. Flynn has actively worked in the fermentation field for several years. He brewed the beer for his wedding back in 1995 and has been active in brewing ever since including serving as a consultant for breweries. He has provided eight research presentations and two research publications on brewing science in the past three years.

Dr. Schneider has an MS Degree in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot Watt University. He has also been active in brewing for many years.

This course not eligible for University credit.  Students must be 21 on or before the start date to take this course.
Questions?  Call Extended Studies at 806-651-2037 for more information.