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Professional Event Planning is a Course

Professional Event Planning

Sep 10 - Nov 27, 2018

$395 Enroll

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September 10 – November 26, 2018
6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
WT Amarillo Center

Do you already hold a major event?  Step-up your game with tips from the pros!  Are you considering a fundraising event for your organization?  Learn the skills you need to succeed in a competitive environment.  No matter your experience level, walk away with proven strategies for both non-profit and corporate events.  

This course has three distinct parts, each a four-week series in its own right.  You'll find the information culminates into the know-how to plan a show-stopping non-profit, corporate or personal event.

Part I:  Choosing the Right Strategy for Your Organization
With Charlotte Rhodes, M.S., Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive

Pyramids are built from the bottom up and so are special events.  Well-designed events integrate organizational development, community trends, and seek both tangible and intangible benefit.  You’ll learn how to begin the planning process with an eye to expand constituency, engage with the community and plant a sense of ownership among volunteers and staff. 

Part II: Making Memorable Events Corporate Events
With Beth Duke, Executive Director of Center City of Amarillo, Inc., a Texas Main Street City

When guests and clients leave an event, they take their memories with them. With advance planning and detailed execution, they will be talking about your event for months to come. Beth will teach you how to avoid pitfalls, find resources to stay on budget, and ensure a positive buzz so attendees will be back again next year!

Part III:  Create, Implement and Reap the Rewards of your Non-Profit Event
With Charlotte Rhodes, M.S., Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive

Take a deeper dive into planning and execution by learning various strategies that create and build viable special events.  By the end of class, you will create and present your own special event project including goals, budget, staff and volunteer roles and projected outcomes.